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Delegates for each State and Territory are appointed by their State/Territory Association.  Each State and Territory can appoint a maximum of 2 delegates, however they hold only one vote per State/Territory.

Role of Delegate

  1. To represent the interests of the OSHC sector at a National level on behalf of their State/ territory Association.  The delegate is not the member of NOSHSA, the State/ Territory association is the member.  

  2. To provide a timely response to emails and issues arising for NOSHSA or to arrange consultation on the issue using the Network email links to members.

  3. The delegate is responsible for reflecting the diversity of views across states and territories or the consensus of opinion when representing NOSHSA.

The position is voluntary and the delegates must commit to reading and commenting on NOSHSA emails or relevant documents and maintaining a working knowledge of issues affecting the sector, particularly in their own State or territory.

Criteria for selection of a delegate is based on the delegate’s ability to undertake represent their Associations views at a National level, to have a broad understanding of national and state issues for the sector, a working knowledge of an respect for all Australian Children’s Services, an understanding of the political process, excellent presentation skills (both verbal and written) and experience in lobbying through participation in delegations and media.  There should also be no possible perceived conflict of interest with the role of delegate and other roles the individual performs in their work or private life.

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