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Inclusion Project

Throughout 2023, NOSHSA was funded by the Australian Government Department of Education to develop a freely accessible, relevant, and practical resource suite. This included mentoring and coaching tools designed to build the capacity of the OSHC sector through supporting and enhancing the role of the Educational Leader (Inclusion Leader) and educators in their day-to-day inclusive practice with children.

The objectives of this project were to build capacity within the OSHC sector to manage complex issues and challenging behaviours and to promote inclusive practice through providing resources and mentoring. The topics that be the focus of the educator resources are:

  • Complex Behaviour Support in Outside School Hours Care

  • Neurodiversity Affirming Practice in Outside School Hours Care

  • Trauma Informed Practice in Outside School Hours Care

While the funding for this project has now ceased, the resources are still available. If you would like a copy of them, please email for the access details. The training can now be accessed on a fee for service basis. Call 1300 781 749 for further information.

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